About Me



Welcome to my freestyle soccer site! 

My name is Indi Cowie and for those of you not familiar with my freestyle soccer career, I've been performing for about ten years now! This sport has given me SO much -- I have met people I never thought I'd meet and have experienced life in ways most people my age wouldn't imagine. I've even been able to travel the world. 

Some of my greatest memories include performing at half time in front of 76,000 Man Utd and Chelsea fans at Old Trafford, participating in Mia Hamm's Celebrity Soccer Challenge along side Kobe Bryant and Pepe Guardiola of FC Barcelona, freestyling with TV celebrities Ellen DeGeneres and George Stephanopolous, and being selected by Lionel Messi as the EA Games Street v Street World Champion!

From the age of 12 my biggest goal was to become a Nike Athlete. It took me 8 years of hard work and dedication but I finally made my dream come true!

Although I've showcased my skills live and on TV for many years, today I feel more in sync with my fans, and the freestyle community than ever before. My greatest goal is to show young athletes that no matter what struggles they face, they should stay positive and continue to be the unique INDIviduals they were created to be. For anyone who wants to learnmore about my sport, or who I am, find me on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, & Snapchat! 

I'll see you there!  

Indi Cowie